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Quality Administration

+  We are certified according to ISO 9001:2000.
+  We have a document control system.
+  We operate our own quality control laboratories.
+  We train our employees and operators regularly.
+  We provide notification to the buyer on a timely manner and each time when a process, equipment or analytical method change, affecting the regul atory status.
+  We established written procedures for dealing with out-of-specification test results.
+  We established written procedures for dealing with deviations including documentation.
+  We perform on regular time intervals self-inspections
+  We established a waste handling and recycling program.
+  We follow ICH Q7A Guidance.
+  We use raw materials of qualified supplier only.
+  We perform on regular time on-site audit of our raw material supplier.
+  We test the product according to the agreed specification.
+  We supply a Certificate of Analysis with each delivery batch which states all analysis data.
+  We keep retain-samples of all production batches for future reference.
+  We maintain product stability/retest data for our products. 

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